ZaveriX is a fine silver jewellery brand based in Indore, owned by ADMAD Tech Private Limited, India. With an aspiration to fill the jewellery market gap with unique, affordable, and fine quality designs accessible to all, ZaveriX has always focused on making pieces that embody outstanding craftsmanship and wearer's individuality. A great deal of thought and attention has also been placed on packaging, making ZaveriX products a perfect gift idea to celebrate special occasions, either for yourself or your loved ones.

At ZaveriX, we emphasize timeless and unique jewellery that stands out from the crowd. All items are designed in India with international shoppers in mind. They are classic yet blend well with modern urban style. Our jewellery pieces are meticulously made by hand from silver and checked by our dedicated team members with relentless attention to detail before finally being carefully nested with individual customers.

  • The Founder's

    ZaveriX's founder did not come from the jewellery business, but he knew the surge of online shopping and the increasing demand for fine quality without the scary price tag. The founder decided to shift from fine jewellery into creating a modern brand that fits into contemporary trends but will also stand the test of time. ZaveriX's founder is focused on creating genuinely wonderful pieces which meet the industry's highest standards and offer a great value to ZaveriX's customers.

    At ZaveriX, we offer jewellery that can be worn for a lifetime.

  • Wearer of ZaveriX

    The ZaveriX jewellery wearer, represents the new generation of independent women, elegant and self-aware. The spirit of ZaveriX Silver is a feminine silhouette of classic, elegant and assertive woman who always seeks uniqueness and fine quality in jewellery to add extra flair to her everyday look.

    ZaveriX designs, inspired by Ling's imagination, are carefully crafted by a team of jewellery artisans in the Far East. From minimalistic studs to sumptuous bracelets, ZaveriX's unique designs empower women to be both feminine and assertive, sensual and quietly confident. At ZaveriX we believe that style is not just the way you dress, it is the way you express your personality.

    Women of ZaveriX choose not to follow the crowd, but to strike their own path.